Presentation The flower color change of Japanese cultivated gentian induced by ion beam irradiation

佐々木, 伸大  ,  Emiko, Chiba  ,  Eri, Yamada  ,  Atsushi, Higuchi  ,  Nobue, Hoshi  ,  岡村, 正愛  ,  古澤, 佳也  ,  下川, 卓志  ,  西原, 昌宏

Japanese-cultivated gentians, Gentiana triflora, G. scabra and their hybrids, are one of the popular ornamental flowers in Japan. However, the flower color variations in commercial cultivars of Japanese gentians are limited due to the scarce genetic resources available for breeding programs. Recently, the attempts to generate new plant cultivars using heavy ion beams have been successfully applied to several ornamental crops. In this study, we investigated the biological effects of ion beam irradiation using NIRS-HIMAC (National Institute of Radiological Sciences-Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba) on Japanese gentian.
8th Intl WS on Anthocyanin

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