Presentation Important Roles of Nuclear Cardiology in Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Yoshinaga, Keiichiro

Sarcoidosis Immune Granulomas formation in various organ Unknown cause, genetic susceptibility and environmental facors Epidemiology:4.7-64/10 million,Scandinavian 50-60/10 million, Japan 1-2/10 million Peak onset:age 20-39 Outcome:death rate <5%(Pulmonary fibrosis・cardiac・neurologic involvement)SummaryPatients with pulmonary sarcoidosis: 9.3% had cardiac involvement, require CS detection in this population RV evaluation: specific for CS FDG PET: Need to establish standard (JSNC guidelines) Useful for evaluate steroid treatment effects Need further prospective studies
the 20th Annual Scientific Session of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology

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