Presentation Effect of ashing temperature on accurate determination of plutonium in soil samples

王, 鍾堂  ,  楊, 国勝  ,  鄭, 建  ,  曹, 立国  ,  尉, 海軍  ,  朱, 彥北  ,  田上, 恵子  ,  内田, 滋夫

In this study, two standard reference soils (IAEA-soil-6 and IAEA-375) were used to investigate the ashing temperature effect (from 375 to 600˚C) on HNO3 leaching method for the determination of Pu in soil samples. The Pu analytical results of both standard reference materials showed that lower 239+240Pu activity was observed when the ashing temperature exceeded 450˚C, and the 239+240Pu activity continue to decrease as the ashing temperature was raised. Approximately 40% of the Pu content could not be leached out by concentrate HNO3 after ashing for 4 h at 600˚C. The Pu loss was attributed to the formation of refractory materials, which are insoluble in HNO3 solution. To ensure the Pu release efficiency in HNO3 leaching, we recommend 450˚C as the ideal ashing temperature.
2015 日本放射化学会年会・第59 回放射化学討論会

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