Presentation Development and practice of ISMS at a Radiotherapy Hospital by using IHE Integration profiles

安藤, 裕  ,  Yoshida, Yuki  ,  Mukai, Masami  ,  Okuda, Yasuo  ,  Kamada, Tadashi

Our hospital is specialized for radiation therapy and has many information devices. Various job categories are working. When we implemented an EMR, we aimed to enforce ISMS by using IHE profiles. To solve the already existed system-related problems, we selected and use some profiles (EUA, PSA, ATNA and PAM). After implementation we audited and then some findings were pointed out. By the PDCA cycle, these findings are being settled. We found that appropriate IHE profiles were effective in building of ISMS.
15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics

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