Presentation Development of Active Space Radiation Detector, A-DREAMS-2 at NIRS

Uchihori, Yukio  ,  Kodaira, Satoshi  ,  Kitamura, Hisashi

For real time radiation monitoring in space environment, active radiation dosimeters, A-DREAMS have been developed in NIRS. They have silicon semi-conductor detectors and electric circuits to obtain LET distribution of space radiation from protons to iron ions in space radiation. The 1st version of the active dosimeter is named A-DREAMS-1 and has one silicon semi-conductor detector. The A-DREAMS-1 has been operated in some experiments in ground-based accelerators, HIMAC and a cyclotron facilities in NIRS and irradiated to high energy protons and heavy ions. The obtained results show good linearity for deposit energies in the silicon detector.
The 20th Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

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