Conference Paper Development of clinical database system specialized for heavy particle therapy

Masami, MUKAI  ,  Tsuji, Hiroshi  ,  Yokooka, Yuki  ,  Okuda, Yasuo  ,  Ando, Yutaka  ,  Kamada, Tadashi

pp.933 - 933 , 2015-08 , IOS press
We have developed a data archiving system for study of charged particle therapy. We required a data-relation mechanism between electronic medical record system (EMR) and database system, because it needs to ensure the information consistency. This paper presents the investigation results of these techniques. The standards in the medical informatics field that we focus on are Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and 2) Health Level7 (HL7) to archive the data. As a main cooperation function, we adapt 2 integration profiles of IHE as follows, 1) Patient Administration Management (PAM) Profile of IHE-ITI domain for patient demographic information reconciliation, 2) Enterprise Schedule Integration(ESI) profile of IHE-Radiation Oncology domain for order management between EMR and treatment management system(TMS). We also use HL7 Ver2.5 messages for exchanging the follow-up data and result of laboratory test. In the future, by implementation of this system cooperation, we will be able to ensure interoperability in the event of the EMR update.

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