Article Development of radiation dosimetry technology with ion tracks in solids and its application

小平, 聡

We have developed various type radiation detectors and measured radiation dose with them in various radiation fields. In the case of space, which is a mixed radiation field of heavy charged particles, we have established the dose measurement system with solid --state nuclear track detectors (SSNTD) and luminescence detectors. The SSNTD records a nuclear track along the path of a charged particle. Typically, a nuclear track is visible as an "etch pit" when viewed under a microscope after chemical etching. Recentiy, we found silver-activated phosphate glass could be altematively used as a SSNTD; this glass is one luminescence detector commercially employed as a personal dosimeter. Meanwhile, we have developed the new technology of a "fluorescent nuclear track detector (FNTD)", which allows detection of a fluorescent nuclear track, without chemical etching, The FNTD system consists of luminescent aluminum oxide single crystals and a laser scanning confocal fluorescence microscope . In this report, we introduce our recent progress on radiation dosimetry echnology with ion tracks and some of its applications.

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