Presentation The new low-cost metaphase finder for biological dosimetry

古川, 章

Biological dosimetry is to estimate one’s dose by biological phenomena. Most popular and “gold standard” phenomenon is the appearance of dicentric chromosomes in one’s metaphase cells among white blood cells. Metaphase finder is a tool for biological dosimetry that finds metaphase cells on slide glasses. It consists of automated microscope, auto-focus system, X-Y stage, camera and computer. It does the image diagnosis of the microscopic images of the slide glasses, and displays the positions of metaphase cells. A metaphase finder is used for the personnel worked at Fukushima nuclear plant to know how much dose they irradiated.The author and colleagues have already reported a low-cost metaphase finder system, using commercially-available products (1). Its software was application of mathematical morphology. But the system was a combination of multiple manufacturers and then it requires much knowledge and skill to the resellers and users. This system was more compact and less price than commercial products. The system would be another choice for resellers and users, but its speed was needed to faster.Then, the author has collaborated with a software company to start new project to make another system. This system is using new special software is expected to be faster than non-custom made system. We used Nikon Eclipse Ni-E microscope with motorized X-Y stage, 4x objective lens and 1920 x 1024 pixels color camera for hardware. The software added the new function to compare the color of the image. The new system was also compact and low–price.Now, the system was completed and we tested its speed. It was 13 minutes and 56 seconds per one slide, while capturing 1,333 images. We accomplished the aim of the project. The dicentric-dose curve will be shown in this presentation.This research is supported by The Japan Science and Technology Agency.
World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

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