Journal Article Magnetic resonance imaging appropriate for construction of subject-specific head models for diffuse optical tomography.

Kurihara, Kazuki  ,  Kawaguchi, Hiroshi  ,  Obata, Takayuki  ,  Ito, Hiroshi  ,  Okada, Eiji

6 ( 9 )  , pp.3197 - 3209 , 2015-08
Subject-specific head models of which their geometry is basedon structural magnetic resonance images are essential to accurately estimatethe spatial sensitivity profiles for image reconstruction in diffuse opticaltomography. T1-weighted magnetic resonance images, which arecommonly used for structural imaging, are not sufficient for the thresholdbasedsegmentation of the superficial tissues. Two types of pulse sequences,which provide a high contrast among the superficial tissues, are introducedto complement the segmentation to construct the subject-specific headmodels. The magnetic resonance images acquired by the proposed pulsesequences are robust to the threshold level and adequate for the thresholdbasedsegmentation of the superficial tissues compared to the T1- and T2-weighted images. The total scan time of the proposed pulse sequences isless than one-fourth of that for the T2-weighted pulse sequence.

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