Journal Article Visualization of X-ray radiography technical process by Hierarchical task analysis (HTA)

Yokooka, Yuki  ,  Okuda, Yasuo  ,  Yagahara, Ayako  ,  Tsuji, Shintaro  ,  Nishimoto, Naoki  ,  Uesugi, Masahito  ,  Ogasawara, Katsuhiko

6 ( 2 )  , pp.532 - 538 , 2016-04 , AMERICAN SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHERS
Optimal X-ray images are obtained from correct image positioning by radiological technologists. However, guidance for new radiological technologists is not always adequate, and new methods are required for facilitating correct image positioning. In this study, we attempted to visualize and organize the skill of image positioning by radiological technologists using hierarchical task analysis (HTA). Regarding acquisition of frontal and lateral images of the wrist joint, cervical vertebrae, and elbow, knee, and ankle joints, the actions used to acquire images taken by a radiological technologist from initiation to completion of the process of each acquisition were regarded as the target range. The HTA included three hierarchies: the goal of acquisition as the highest hierarchy, tasks that were the minimum descriptions necessary for acquisition as the second hierarchy, and subtasks representing the concrete acquisition procedure as the lowest hierarchy. The total numbers of tasks and subtasks in all HTA constructions for the 10 goals were 85 and 226, respectively. Only the highest hierarchy was needed for skilled technologists, while the middle and lowest hierarchies were needed for beginning technologists. Therefore, visualization at different technical levels employing a single construction model may be possible. Our study presents effective expression of tacit knowledge for radiological technologists.

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