Journal Article AFOMP Policy No 5: career progression for clinical medical physicists in AFOMP countries

Round, W.H.  ,  Stefanoylannis, A.P.  ,  Ng, K.H.  ,  Rodriguez, L.V.  ,  Thayalan, K.  ,  Han, Y.  ,  Tang, F.  ,  福田, 茂一  ,  Srivastava, R.  ,  Krisanachinda, A.  ,  Shiau, A.C.  ,  Deng, X.

38 ( 2 )  , pp.217 - 221 , 2016-06 , Springer
This policy statement, which is the fifth of aseries of documents being prepared by the Asia-OceaniaFederation of Organizations for Medical Physics ProfessionalDevelopment Committee, gives guidance on howclinical medical physicists’ careers should progress fromtheir initial training to career end. It is not intended to beprescriptive as in some AFOMP countries career structuresare already essentially defined by employment awards andbecause such matters will vary considerably from countryto country depending on local culture, employment practicesand legislation. It is intended to be advisory and setout options for member countries and employers of clinicalmedical physicists to develop suitable career structures.

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