Presentation Newly derived transfer factors for Th, Am, Pu and Cl after IAEA TRS No. 472's publication: A review

王, 鍾堂  ,  鄭, 建  ,  田上, 恵子  ,  内田, 滋夫

In 2010, IAEA published the Technical Reports Series No. 472 (TRS 472), to provide transfer factors (TFs) for both natural and artificial radionuclides. Over the years, TRS 472 provided an important source with wide coverage data for use in the radiological assessment for many models. For a database important as TRS 472, it is essential that such information is kept up-to-date and any relevant recent literature is included.In this study, recent derived soil-to-plant transfer factors (2008-2014) for Th, Am, Pu and Cl were collected from literature and statistically analyzed to compare with the previously published data in IAEA TRS 472. The comparison showed that these newly obtained transfer factors data were able to supplement the TRS 472 database to some extent. However, several problems related to the database still remain unsolved: (1) For some plant categories (e.g. maize, non-leafy vegetable and tuber), TFs for Cl are still missing; (2) Some TFs for Am, Pu and Cl in TRS 472 are based on inadequate data entries, more TFs data need to be added to this dataset in order to improve its reliability; (3) Rice is an essential food in Asian food structure, and is of great importance to study the soil to rice transfer factors for different radionuclides. However, few TFs for Am, Pu and Cl were reported. (4) Only one reference’s work was based on experiments conducted in Japan, region specific TFs for Th, Am, Pu and Cl in Japan still need to be supplemented.Considering the lack of soil to plant TFs for Am, Pu, and Cl, efforts working on TFs for Pu are being made, to provide nationwide soil to rice TFs information in Japan. Rice and the corresponding soil samples collected from different prefectures were adopted for Pu separation and purification, followed by SF-ICP-MS measurement. Details of the results will be presented and discussed on the conference.
13th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (ICOBTE 2015)

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