Presentation Development of a simultaneous optical /PET imaging system for awake mice

田桑, 弘之

Objectives: Simultaneous measurement of multiple physiological parameters is essential for the study of brain disease mechanisms and the development of suitable therapies to treat them. In this study, we developed the world’ first, simultaneous optical/PET imaging system of awake mice. As a proof-of-concept of the system, simultaneous measurement of cerebral blood flow (CBF) with laser speckle imaging (LSI) and 11C-raclopride PET were performed.Methods: The key technology is our original “OpenPET” device that allows PET imaging combined with another device. A prototype of the single-ring OpenPET (SROP), which provides an easily accessible open space, was used. The objective lens and CCD camera of the microscope (MiCAM02, Brainvision, Tokyo, Japan) was placed inside the open space of SROP. Awake animals (C57BL/6J mice, 25-27g) were arranged for SROP imaging using a hand-made fixation apparatus. Measurements of CBF and 11C-raclopride distribution were performed simultaneously. Results and conclusion: Our apparatus successfully obtained CBF and 11C-raclopride radioactivity concentration simultaneously. Accumulation of 11C-raclopride was observed in the striatum where the density of dopamine D2 receptors is high. LSI measurement provided CBF maps in awake mice brain, indicating that LSI can be performed stably over 60 minutes inside OpenPET. Increase in CBF induced by hypercapnia was also observed with LSI. We concluded that our imaging system is useful for investigating the mechanism of brain disease in awake animal models.
第9回ICME 国際複合医工学会議-CME 2015 -において口頭発表を行う。

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