Presentation A focus on Nuclear Emergencies and Post-Accident Situations

栗原, 千絵子

BackgroundThe International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has established Task Group 94 to develop a publication on the ethical foundations of the system of radiological protection, aiming to consolidate the basis of ICRP’s recommendations, to improve the understanding of the system and to provide a basis for communication on radiation risk and its perception.To support this effort, a series of regional workshops is being held. The firsts in this series were held in Daejeon (Korea), Milan (Italy), and Baltimore (USA), supported by local Associate Societies of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), and Budweis (Czeck Republic) supported by the European OPERRA Project.Collaboration between radiological protection professionals and applied ethicists in these and other related workshops has resulted in significant progress, including identifying and characterising some of the key values that underlie the ICRP system of radiological protection.A second series of regional workshops is planned for 2015, to include meetings in Madrid (Spain) February 4-6, Cambridge (USA) March 10-12 and this one in Fukushima City (Japan).Objective of the workshopThe objective of the Workshop is for radiological protection professionals and ethics specialists to explore further the ethical values underlying the recommendations of the system of radiological protection related to nuclear emergencies and post-accident situations. Workshop format The Workshop will last for 2 days, starting on Tuesday 2 June morning and closing on Wednesday 3 June afternoon. Invited presentations in plenary will be followed by facilitated working groups.
Second Asian Workshop on the Ethical Dimensions of the System of Radiological Protectionに参加(発表あり)

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