Journal Article Calibration of modified Liulin detector for cosmic radiation measurements on-board aircraft

kyselova, D.  ,  Ambrozova, I.  ,  Krist, P.  ,  Uchihori, Y.  ,  Kitamura, H.  ,  Ploc, O.

164 ( 4 )  , pp.489 - 492 , 2015-06 , Oxford University Press
The annual effective doses of aircrew members often exceed the limit of 1 mSv for the public due to the increased level of cosmic radiation at the flight altitudes, and thus, it is recommended to monitor them. Aircrew dosimetry is usually performed using special computer programs mostly based on results of Monte Carlo simulations. Contemporary, detectors are used mostly for validation of these computer codes, verification of effective dose calculations and for research purposes. One of such detectors is active silicon semiconductor deposited energy spectrometer Liulin. Output quantities of measurement with the Liulin detector are the absorbed dose in silicon D and the ambient dose equivalent H*(10); to determine it, two calibrations are necessary. The purpose of this work was to develop a calibration methodology that can be used to convert signal from the detector to D independently on calibration performed at Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator facility in Chiba, Japan.

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