Presentation A Comparative Study of Mediation of Chronic Drinking of Two Kinds of Japanese Sake on Radiation-induced Metabolic Alteration

中島, 徹夫  ,  Vares, Guillaume  ,  王, 冰  ,  根井, 充

Japanese sake is a popular alcoholic beverage. While drinking custom of sake a lot has negative effects on our health, the beneficial effects on health also attract attention. It remains unknown whether or not chronic sake drinking custom is related to other risk factors such as radiation. Effects of chronic drinking of alcohol beverage on radiation effects were evaluated using Japanese sake. Japanese sake has a lot of varieties. One of typical indicators is a rice-polishing ratio. Here two kinds of sake, which have different rice-polishing ratios and the same alcohol ratio, were used. As Japanese sakes, junmai-shu, (alcoholic content 15%, rice-polishing ratio 69%) and junmai-daiginjo-shu alcoholic content 15%, rice-polishing ratio 35%) were used. Mice were orally administered with sake every day for one month (0.026 mL/g body weight), and treated with fractionated irradiations (0.75Gy/day x four days) on the last four days in the sake-administration period. Mice were euthanized one day after the last irradiation and the liver and serum were removed. Liver samples were extracted and analyzed by the cation mode of capillary electrophoresis-flight time type mass spectrometer (CE-TOFMS). Primary Component Analysis was conducted about the result and influential candidate molecules were selected and evaluated. Metabolic markers in serum were also analyzed using DriChem7000V (Fuji Film, Japan). As a result of primary component analysis of MS analysis in liver, treatment mice with both radiation and chronic drinking of junmai-shu caused remarkable changes in anti-oxidative functions and energy metabolisms, which are not altered by radiation or the sake drinking alone respectively. Moreover, we have analyzed amino acid components of two kinds of sake to investigate specific effects related to each sake effects on radiation-induced metabolic alterations. Effects of two kinds of sake on radiation-induced alterations in metabolome analysis will be discussed with results of effects of the amino acid components analysis.

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