Journal Article Metastable Ar17+ (2 s) production by Stark-assisted resonant coherent excitation

Nakano, Y  ,  A Sokolik, A  ,  V Stysin, A  ,  Nakai, Y  ,  Komaki, K  ,  Takada, E  ,  Murakami, T  ,  Azuma, T

48 ( 14 )  , pp.144026-1 - 144026-7 , 2015-05 , IOP Publishing Ltd
We report on the selective production of the 2s metastable state of 390-MeV u−1 H-like Ar17+ ions by the resonant coherent excitation (RCE). The RCE to the 2s state was achieved by using Stark mixing of n = 2 states under planar channeling conditions in a 1-$\mu $m thick Si crystal. The population of the 2s state was quantitatively estimated from the ionization probability in a stripper foil installed 50 mm downstream of the crystal. The 2s population was found to be 0.05 of the total number of Ar17+ ions at the stripper. The result is in good agreement with a theoretical calculation performed with the density matrix approach.

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