Presentation Dosimetry of therapeutic carbon beam and its fragments with CR-39 plastic nuclear track detectors

Kodaira, Satoshi  ,  N.Matsufuji  ,  Kitamura, Hisashi  ,  Saito, T.  ,  Uchihori, Yukio  ,  Kawashima, Hajime  ,  Kurano, Mieko  ,  Ploc, Ondrej  ,  L.Sihver

The carbon beam (Z=6), produce the projectile fragments with lower nuclear charges from proton (Z=1) to boron (Z=5). The longer range of them compared with primary carbon beam would make unexpected exposure beyond the tumor volume. The dosimetric evaluation of secondary neutrons is, therefore, important from the viewpoint of radiation protection for the patients. We have measured the LET spectra and dose of 290 MeV/n carbon beams for MONO and 6cm-SOBP (Spread-Out Bragg-Peak) and their fragments along the Bragg-curves in water by means of CR-39 plastic nuclear track detectors at NIRS-HIMAC. These data would be helpful for the understanding of possible radiation risks to patients.
The 15th International Congress of Radiation Research (ICRR2015)

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