Journal Article Application of CR-39 plastic nuclear track detectors for quality assurance of mixed oxide fuel pellets

S.Kodaira  ,  M.Kurano  ,  Hosogane, T.  ,  Ishikawa, F.  ,  Kageyama, T.  ,  Sato, M.  ,  Kayano, M.  ,  Yasuda, N.

86pp.056103-1 - 056103-3 , 2015-05 , AIP Scitation
A CR-39 plastic nuclear track detector was used for quality assurance of mixed oxide fuel pellets for next-generation nuclear power plants. Plutonium (Pu) spot sizes and concentrations in the pellets are significant parameters for safe use in the plants. We developed an automatic Pu detection system based on dense α-radiation tracks in the CR-39 detectors. This system would greatly improve image processing time and measurement accuracy, and will be a powerful tool for rapid pellet quality assurance screening.

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