Presentation Fukushima data sources -a review

Tagami, Keiko  ,  Uchida, Shigeo

Large amounts of radionuclides were released to the environment mainly in March and April 2011 in the accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP). The terrestrial environment has been contaminated with radionuclides released to the air, while marine environment received a mixture of radioactive fallout from the air and direct release of radioactive water. Environmental monitoring as well as research activities have been carried out since then, and the data have been updated using internet or by publishing papers in Japanese and English. However, it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable data sources for further data analysis. In this presentation, therefore, we are going to summarize the recent accessible Fukushima data sources and radiocesium concentration changes with time for some components in the environment.
STAR-IAEA MODARIA workshop 'Making data available'

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