Presentation 高分子系飛跡検出器の応答特性を表す化学的クライテリオンの確立

山内, 知也  ,  楠本, 多聞  ,  田尾, 陽  ,  池永, 龍之介  ,  安田, 修一郎  ,  小田, 啓二  ,  北村, 尚  ,  小平, 聡  ,  小西, 輝昭  ,  安田, 仲宏  ,  Barillon, R.

The polymeric etched track detectors of PET,P C,PI and PADC films are exposed to proton and heavy ions in the air. Chemical damage parameters of damage density,which is the number of loss of considered function groupsper unit length of tracks,e ffective track core radius,in which the considered chemical groups are lost,a nd the radiation chemical yields,G values,fo r each group are evaluated as a function of the stopping power. The response of these polymeric detectors has been also evaluated for each ion against the stopping powers. Correlation has been examined between the damageparameters and the response.

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