Presentation 銀塩感光材料を用いた飛跡像の蛍光標識化による微細飛跡検出システムの開発

久下, 謙一  ,  中, 竜大  ,  北原, 怜  ,  水口, 剛太朗  ,  伊瀬谷, 夏輝  ,  砂坂, 康平  ,  稲葉, 俊喜  ,  小平, 聡

Analyzing systems for radiation tracks using silver-salt photographic materials were developed. An outstanding problem in the fluorescent-labeling method was resolved. The key element for the emission of tracks was ascertained. Temperature dependence of post-exposure latensification method with red light was investigated and suitable temperature was found. Progress of elimination of γ-ray noise by adjusting the sensitivity of photographic materials was obtained.

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