Presentation Calibration of TEPC and personal dosimeter designed for ISS (International Space Station) dose measurement

Nam, U.  ,  Lee, J.  ,  Kim, S.  ,  Pyo, J.  ,  Moon, B.  ,  Park, W.  ,  Uchihori, Y.  ,  Kitamura, H.  ,  Kodaira, S.

The goal of this experiment is veriflying the performance of new designed Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) for monitoring space radiation. In space, cells could be exposed by complex radiation source, X-ray, Gamma ray, energetic electrons, protons and heavy charged particles in a huge range of energies. These generate much larger range of Linear Energy Transfer (LET) than ground and cause unexpected effect on human cells. In order to measure the large range of LET, from 0.2 to 1000 keV/μm, we developed a compact TEPC which measures ionized particles producedby collision between radiation sources and tissue equivalent (pure propane) gas in the detector . From measuring LET spectra, we can derive easily the equivalent dose from the complicated space radiation field. In this HIMAC experiment of 14H326, we calibrate and demonstrate the active radiation detector, TEPC with Fe 500 MeV/μ and C 290 MeV/ μ beams. In addition, we performed heavy ion experiments with the passive dosimeter, CR-39 in order to compare LET spectra measured by TEPC.

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