Presentation On-ground calibration of the 3-dimensional sillicon detector space dosimetry telescope TRITEL with energetic heavy ions (FY2014)

Hirn, A.  ,  O.Ivanova  ,  Kitamura, H.  ,  Kodaira, S.  ,  R.Tolochek  ,  V.Shurshakov  ,  Uchihori, Y.

In cooperation with BL-Electronics Ltd. a three-dimensional sillicon detector telescope (TRITEL) was developed at the Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the past years. The main objective of the instrument was to measure not only the absorbed dose in the cosmic radiation field, but also the linear energy (LET) spectrum of the charged particles and their average quality factor in three mutually orthogonal directions in order tob give an estimation of the equivalent dose, too. In the frame of the experiment No. 13H322 no calibration measurements have been performed yet in FY2014. The next beam time for the project will be available between the 10th and the 12th of March 2015. Brsides calibration purposes, the measurements might also help us understanding the weird behavier of the TRITEL system on board ISS (significant difference in the shape of the energy deposition spectra compared to DOSTEL and DB-8 results). The background and objectives of the experiment as well as a brief description of the experiment setup are provided in the present annual report. Some results from the previous session (between the 10th and the 12the of February 2013; FY2014) are also presented.

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