Presentation Ground Based Verification of a European Crew Personal Active Dosemeter (EuCPAD) for Astronauts

Berger, T.  ,  Marsalek, K.  ,  Przybyla, B.  ,  Reitz, G.  ,  J.P.Paalassalo  ,  Koivula, E.  ,  M., Luszik-Bhadra  ,  Beck, P.  ,  Latocha, M.  ,  Jaksic, A.  ,  Straube, U.  ,  Uchihori, Y.  ,  Kitamura, H.  ,  Kodaira, S.

In space, humans as well as electronics are exposed to primary radiation of cosmic and solar origin as well as secondary radiation produced by primaries' interactions with matter. The annual exposure levels applicable for radiation workers on Earth are exceeded in extended space missions on the International Space Station (ISS). The European Crew Personal Active Dosementers for Astronauts (EuCPADs) project aims at the development of an active dosemeter system to document the astronaut's exposures, to support risk assessments and to provide a complete data set for space crew dose management of the very diverse nature of space radiation.

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