Presentation Heavy Ion Response of the TimePix Version of the Medipix2 Technology In Preparation For Use In Space Radiation Dosimetry Applications

Pinsky, L.  ,  Hoang, S.  ,  Idarraga, J.  ,  Kroupa, M.  ,  T., Campbell-Ricketts  ,  Stoffle, N.  ,  Kitamura, H.  ,  S.Kodaira  ,  Bahadon, A.  ,  Semones, E.  ,  Turecek, D.  ,  Jakubek, J.

The CERN-based Medipix radiation-imaging detectors that include an ADC capability embedded within the footprint of each pixel. This HIMAC project has been an essential part of a lager efforrt to develop versions of this technology for use in the field of space radiation monitoring and dosimetry. Six of these Medipix-based devices, all of which were individually calibrated during the HIMAC running reported here have been operated successfully on the International Space Station for more than two years, and another such device with 2 detectors was the only active radiation monitor flown on the EFT-1 test of the new Orion spacecraft this past December. The next generation of this device from the Medipix3 Collaboration, whose properties in part have been heavily influenced by the analysis of the data taken at HIMAC, has undergone initial testing at HIMAC this past year.

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