Presentation Intercomparison and Verification of Active Dosemeters for Space

Burmeister, S.  ,  Tammen, J.  ,  Elftmann, R.  ,  Kulkarni, S.R.  ,  Steinhager, J.  ,  Berger, T.  ,  Y.Uchihori  ,  H.Kitamura  ,  S.Kodaira

In preparation of manned missions to the planet Mars and the radiation protection for the international Space Stasion several slectronic dosimetry instruments are used in space. All these instruments have different abilities. This project is to characterize the differences between three of these instruments. These are the MATROSHKA/SSD (Silicon Scintillator Detector), the ExoMars/IRAS (Ionizing Radiation Sensor) and the MSL/RAD (Radiation Assessment Detector) instruments; each of these instruments has the ability to provide dosimetry data for radiation protection. Invtwo of these instruments the organic scintillator BC-430 is used as well as inorganic scintillators like GSO, BGO and LSO. This material shows a non linear quenching effect which shall be investigated and characterized with this project.

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