Presentation 小型衛星搭載用ガンマ線バースト偏光度検出器の性能評価

郡司, 修一  ,  中森, 健之  ,  北村, 尚  ,  小平, 聡

We have been developing Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) polarimeter for small satellite. The polarimeter consists of plastic scintillator and inorganic scintillator of GAGG(Ce). Each signal is read out by multianode photomultiplier and avalanche photodiode, respoctively. After basic researches for the scintillator and the optical devices, we constructed the Bread Board Model (BBM) polarimeter with 1/4 size. In March, we will inject 150 MeV proton beam to the BBM. Then we will confirm that spurious trigger is not issued by the events due to protons.

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