Journal Article Distribution of uranium, thorium and some stable trace and toxic elements in human hair and nails in Niska Banja Town, a high natural background radiation area of Serbia (Balkan Region, South-East Europe)

Sahoo, S.K.  ,  Zunic, Z.S.  ,  Kritsananuwat, R.  ,  Zagrodzki, P.  ,  Bossew, P.  ,  Veselinovic, N.  ,  Mishra, S.  ,  Yonehara, H.  ,  S.Tokonami

145pp.66 - 77 , 2015-04 , Elsevier
Human hair and nails can be considered as bio-indicators of the public exposure to certain natural ra-dionuclides and other toxic metals over a long period of months or even years. The level of elements in hair and nails usually reflect their levels in other tissues of body. Ni

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