Journal Article Public Health Concerns on Radiation Exposure after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

神田, 玲子  ,  辻, さつき

10 ( Sp )  , pp.716 - 727 , 2015-09 , FUji Technology Press
This study analyzes data from telephone consultations through a research institution over the period of approximately one year following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, as correlated with newspaper and online media coverage.During the analysis period, many calls were related to different aspects of daily life, such as food, clothing, and housing, or to radiation exposure at the time of the accident. As the year went on, there was a reduction in the proportion of consultations on the aspects of daily life and an increase in calls related to more technical topics, such as dose measurement, scientific knowledge, natural radiation, and the Chernobyl accident. The topic with the greatest number of consultations over the entire period was “children”. About 20-40% of the callers inquiring about soil, dose measurement, and internal exposure also sought information about children. In general, the numbers of media reports on the above topics were low except for dose measurement. The proportions of telephone consultations on the topics of children and dose measurement might be heightened in conjunction with the appearance of media reports around the same time.In conclusion, it is important for post-accident risk communication that information related to daily living (especially regarding protective measures that can be taken) and information linked with effects on children be provided in an efficient manner with appropriate timing.

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