Journal Article Evaluation of Efficacy of Radioimmunotherapy with 90Y-Labeled Fully Human Anti-Transferrin Receptor Monoclonal Antibody in Pancreatic Cancer Mouse Models.

Sugyo, Aya  ,  B Tsuji, Atsushi  ,  Sudo, Hitomi  ,  Okada, Maki  ,  Koizumi, Mitsuru  ,  Satoh, Hirokazu  ,  Kurosawa, Gene  ,  Kurosawa, Yoshikazu  ,  Saga, Tsuneo

10 ( 4 )  , pp.e0123761 - e0123761 , 2015-04
Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive tumor and the prognosis remains poor. Therefore, development of more effective therapy is needed. We previously reported that 89Zr-labeled TSP-A01, an antibody against transferrin receptor (TfR), is highly accumulated in a pancreatic cancer xenograft, but not in major normal organs. In the present study, we evaluated the efficacy of radioimmunotherapy (RIT) with 90Y-TSP-A01 in pancreatic cancer mouse models.

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