Presentation ヒドロキノン類のラジカル消去活性および酸化電位に対するルイス酸の影響

和氣, 司  ,  大久保, 敬  ,  松本, 謙一郎  ,  福住, 俊一  ,  小澤, 俊彦  ,  鎌田, 正  ,  中西, 郁夫

Ubiquinol, the reduced form of coenzyme Q10, has a hydroquinone structure as an active center and shows an efficient antioxidative activity. The radical-scavenging reactions of phenolic antioxidants, such as hydroquinone and vitamin E, occur via electron transfer or hydrogen-atom transfer as a rate-determining step. However, little is known about the detailed mechanisms of radical-scavenging reactions of hydroquinones. On the other hand, a Lewis acid, such as magnesium ion, is known to accelerate the electron-transfer rate. In this study, we investigated the effect of Lewis acids on the radical-scavenging activities of hydroquinone and its methylated derivatives as well as on their oxidation potentials to clarify the radical-scavenging mechanisms of hydroquinones.

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