Journal Article A Report from the 2013 International Symposium: The Evaluation of the Effects of Low-Dose Radiation Exposure in the Life Span Study of Atomic Bomb Survivors and Other Similar Studies

J Grant, Eric  ,  Ozasa, Kotaro  ,  Ban, Nobuhiko  ,  Amy, Berrington de González  ,  Cologne, John  ,  M Cullings, Harry  ,  Doi, Kazutaka  ,  Furukawa, Kyoji  ,  Imaoka, Tatsuhiko  ,  Kodama, Kazunori  ,  Nakamura, Nori  ,  Niwa, Otsura  ,  L Preston, Dale  ,  Rajaraman, Preetha  ,  Sadakane, Atsuko  ,  Saigusa, Shin  ,  Sakata, Ritsu  ,  Sobue, Tomotaka  ,  Sugiyama, Hiromi  ,  Ullrich, Robert  ,  Wakeford, Richard  ,  Yasumura, Seiji  ,  M Milder, Caitlin  ,  E Shore, Roy

108 ( 5 )  , pp.551 - 556 , 2015-05 , Wolters Kluwer
The RERF International Low-Dose Symposium was held on December 5-6, 2013, at the RERF campus in Hiroshima, Japan, to discuss the issues facing the LSS and other low-dose studies. Topics included current status of low-dose risk detection, strategies for low-dose epidemiological and statistical research, methods to improve communication between epidemiologists and biologists, and current status of radiological studies and tools. Key points made by the participants included the necessity of pooling materials over multiple studies to gain greater insight where data from single studies is insufficient, generating models that reflect epidemiological, statistical, and biological principles simultaneously, understanding confounders and effect modifiers in the current data, and taking into consideration less studied factors such as the impact of dose rate. It is the hope of all participants that this symposium be used as a trigger for further studies, especially those using pooled data, in order to reach a greater understanding of the health effects of low-dose radiation.

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