Departmental Bulletin Paper 昭和基地での夏期作業に向けた効率的な除雪時期について
Timing of efficient snow clearance for summer operation at Syowa Station

石沢, 賢二

62pp.1 - 14 , 2018-03 , 国立極地研究所 , National Institute of Polar Research
南極の盛夏である 12 月中旬から翌年 2 月にかけて,昭和基地では,各種施設の建設などの屋外作業が行われる.それに先立ち,基地に滞在する越冬隊員が物資輸送用の幹線道路や建設作業現場の除雪作業を行う.しかし,除雪の開始時期やその方法に関するマニュアル類はなく,これまで各隊が独自に計画し行ってきた.そのため,充分な日射が得られない時期に始めたり,除雪後に大きなブリザードに見舞われ作業が振り出しに戻ったりするなど,効率的でないことが多かった.そこで,昭和基地の過去の気象データ(気温,積雪深,日射放射量,ブリザード)を解析し,最適な除雪時期を検討した.その結果,融雪材の散布を含めた除雪作業を,11 月中旬から開始するのが効率的であることがわかった.Some construction and outworks are conducted at Syowa Station during the period between the middle of December and middle of February every season. Before the outworks, main roads for cargo transportation and new outwork sites need to be cleared of snow by the wintering members. The clearance work of snow is carried out depending on the respective plans by each wintering parties because there are not any manuals referring to the timing of the operation and the method. Therefore, some clearance works were not efficient because they started the work too early without plenty of solar radiation or they suffered from blizzards after completing the snow removal.To work out the best moment of the operation, meteorological data such as air temperature, snow depth, solar radiation and blizzard over previous years at Syowa Station were analyzed. As a result, it was found that the snow-removal operation including treatment of snow melting agent should start from the middle of November.

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