Departmental Bulletin Paper 第58次日本南極地域観測隊員の南極のリスクに対する態度,知識,対応スキルの実態
Knowledge, attitude, and risk treatment skills of JARE-58 members in terms of risks in Antarctica

村越, 真  ,  菊池, 雅行

61pp.81 - 107 , 2017-11 , 国立極地研究所 , National Institute of Polar Research
第58次日本南極地域観測隊員に,冬期総合訓練前後と出発直前の計3回,南極リスクに関する質問紙調査を実施した.その結果,①リスクに対する態度では「南極リスクの脅威」,「南極リスクへの効力感」の2因子が得られ,②両因子の得点とも経験者が高かった.③リスク対応の自己評価では,「作業工具による打撲等」「一酸化酸素中毒」が全時点で経験差がなかったが,他の南極特有のリスクの多くで経験差が見られたほか,④未経験者の「クレバス転落」「タイドクラック転落」への対応の自己評価で調査時期による向上が見られた.⑤発生可能性が場所に依存するクレバス,タイドクラック,ウィンドスクープ転落について,未経験者は経験者より発生を過剰に評価していた.結果より,訓練や全員打ち合わせ等による情報提供は,未経験者のリスク対応の自己評価を高めるが,場所に依存するリスクを十分に理解できていない点に課題があることが指摘された.A questionnaire was completed by members of the 58th Japan Antarctic Research Expedition before and after winter training, and shortly before departure. The questionnaire yielded the following results: 1) the factors "threat of risks in Antarctica" and "self-confidence regarding risks in Antarctica" were yielded from attitude items. 2) Members with JARE experience yielded higher scores for both factors. 3) There was no difference in the self-evaluation of measures to prevent "injury by work tool" and "carbon monoxide poisoning" between experience groups for all survey periods, but significant differences were observed among other risks in Antarctica. 4) Self-evaluation of members without JARE experience regarding "fall into tidal crack" or "fall into crevasse" improved over time. 5) Members without JARE experience evaluated the risk of "fall into crevasse", "fall into tidal crack", and "fall into wind scoop" to be higher than did members with JARE experience. It is concluded that information given at the training sessions improved the self-evaluation of members without JARE experience, although they may not comprehend that the occurrence of risks is dependent on site characteristics.

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