Presentation Characteristics of winter time mesosphere echoes over Syowa in the Antarctic obtained using PANSY and MF radars

堤, 雅基  ,  佐藤, 薫  ,  佐藤, 亨

第8回極域科学シンポジウム/横断セッション:[IW] 全大気圏 -南極地域観測第Ⅷ期・第Ⅸ期重点研究観測の活動を含めて-12月6日(水)統計数理研究所 3階セミナー室D304The Eighth Symposium on Polar Science/Interdisciplinary sessions: [IW] Whole atmosphere - including activities of JARE phase VIII and IX prioritized projects -Wed. 6 Dec./3F Seminar room D304, Institute of Statistics and Mathematics

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