Presentation リュツォ・ホルム湾における溶存炭酸物質の変動

橋田, 元

To clarify the variations of carbonate system under the fast ice of Lützow-holm bay off the Syowa Station, station observations have begun since JARE-51 (2009/10 austral summer) on-board Icebreaker “SHIRASE”. Although dissolved carbonates such as TIC (total inorganic carbon) varies strongly because of sea ice melting and possible biological activities, those data under the fast ice are so sparse that it could be valuable to capture the predicted change of sea ice, carbonates and ecosystems. Preliminary results will be presented.
Polar Meteorology and Glaciology Group seminar / 気水圏コロキウム 日時:1月18日(水)10:00-10:50 場所:C301(3階セミナー室)

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