Departmental Bulletin Paper 第2回国際極域データフォーラム(Polar Data Forum Ⅱ)並びに関連会合報告
Report on “Polar Data Forum II and related meetings”

金尾, 政紀  ,  矢吹, 裕伯  ,  杉村, 剛

60pp.65 - 72 , 2016-09 , 国立極地研究所 , National Institute of Polar Research
2015年10月27-29日にカナダ・ウォータールー大学で,第2回国際極域データフォーラム(Polar Data Forum Ⅱ)が開催された.2013年10月に東京で開催した国際極域データフォーラム(International Forum on “Polar Data Activities in Global Data Systems”)を継続し,両極での地球科学データの蓄積と公開,それらを活用した研究成果とデータの利活用に関する議論の場として,南極科学委員会(SCAR)下の南極データマネジメント委員会(SC-ADM),並びに国際北極科学委員会(IASC)下の北極データ委員会(ADC)の共催により企画された.Polar Data Forum ⅡにはSCAR・IASC 関係者をはじめ,汎地球規模のデータ関連組織の関係者,計109名(15カ国)が参加し,SC-ADM やADC の年次会合を持つとともに,極域データの管理運営に関する今後の指針を検討した.The Second Polar Data Forum ("Polar Data ForumⅡ") was held on October 27-29, 2015 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to build on the successes of the first Polar Data Forum held in October 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. Polar Data Forum Ⅱ further refined the themes and priorities regarding polar data management and accelerated progress by establishing clear actions to address the target issues, including meeting the needs of society and science through the promotion of open access data and effective data stewardship, establishing the sharing and interoperability of data at various levels, developing reliable data management systems, and ensuring the long-term preservation of data. The forum was attended by 109 participants from 15 countries, in conjunction with the scheduled annual meetings of the Arctic Data Committee (ADC) of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and the Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management (SC-ADM) of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). Polar Data Forum Ⅱ, together with SC-ADM and ADC annual meetings, proved to be important for showcasing polar data initiatives, for learning from global partners, and working collaboratively to continue developing an international vision and action plan.

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