Departmental Bulletin Paper 第53次日本南極地域観測隊で新設した重力基準点
New gravity reference sites established during JARE-53

土井, 浩一郎  ,  東, 敏博  ,  早河, 秀章  ,  風間, 卓仁  ,  大園, 伸吾  ,  青山, 雄一  ,  Koichiro, Doi  ,  Toshihiro, Higashi  ,  Hideaki, Hayakawa  ,  Takahito, Kazama  ,  Shingo, Osono  ,  Yuichi, Aoyama

59 ( 2 )  , pp.229 - 239 , 2015-07-31
第53 次日本南極地域観測隊では,昭和基地の国際絶対重力基準点(IAGBN(A)点)およびラングホブデの露岩で絶対重力測定と相対重力測定を行った.これに伴い,昭和基地に2点,ラングホブデに5点の重力基準点を新たに設置した.本稿では,新設した各重力基準点の位置および重力値を含む詳細情報を記載する.
Absolute and relative gravity measurements were carried out at International Absolute Gravity Basement Network (IAGBN (A)) site #0417 at Syowa Station and at outcrops at Langhovde during the summer operation of the 53rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE-53). Two new gravity reference sites were established at Syowa Station and five at Langhovde. We present detailed data for the new sites, including location coordinates and gravity values.

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