Departmental Bulletin Paper 3自由度制御型磁気浮上アクチュエータを用いた研磨工具の運動制御(大学院生研修成果国際発信支援)

劉, 洋  ,  Yang, Liu

Polishing process is often applied to enhance the smoothness of a workpiece surface and the appearance of a workpiece with complex shapes, and machine the texture map on a mold surface. To obtain a high quality finishing, the multi degree of freedom (DOF) motion control and the contact force control of a polishing tool are the most important. The objective of this study is to realize the motion control of the polishing tool in multi DOF directions and the polishing force control by using a high-speed, high-precision 3-DOF controlled maglev actuator, and to realize the precision polishing of the workpiece with complex shapes and the machining of any designated texture map. In this paper, a 3-DOF controlled maglev actuator was described, and a hybrid motion/force control system was designed. The maglev actuator was used to polishing experiments. Experimental results show that not only the polishing force can be kept at a constant value, but also the workpiece can be polished along a designated direction with the sine wave oscillation of the polishing tool and the surface roughness Ra of the workpiece was improved in 33%. Furthermore, the actuator was installed to a conventional machine and the machining of a texture map was experimentally tried.

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