Departmental Bulletin Paper 超低コスト・低環境負荷型のカード式化学分析装置の開発(環境分野研究奨励助成金研究)

池添, 泰弘  ,  武捨, 秀紀  ,  岡野, 佑亮  ,  種部, 千遥  ,  菅谷, 将之  ,  大森, 一輝  ,  浜崎, 祐介  ,  Yasuhiro Ikezoe  ,  Hidenori Musha  ,  Yusuke Okano  ,  Chiharu Tanebe  ,  Masayuki Sugaya,  ,  Kazuki Ohmori  ,  Yusuke Hamazaki

The physical property of nano-particles usually depends on the size and shape. Therefore, purification of particles by such a parameter is very important, especially for the industrial applications. So far, some kinds of methods have been known, for example, chromatography, magnetic separation, and so on. Magnetic separation is very effective for the separation of magnetic particles like ferrite particles, however, it is not for non-magnetic materials such as plastic piece, non-magnetic inorganic oxide particles, glass, etc. If we use a superconducting magnet which can generate high magnetic field, e.g. 10 T, we can separate even non-magnetic materials because the magnetic force produced is also very strong in such a high field. The magnetic force between two magnets facing each other with opposite poles becomes very strong in a limited space as long as the distance between the two magnets are very small, the order of 1 mm. Such enhancement of the magnetic force are also observed over the border line of the magnets placed in the way that their poles face alternatively opposite directions, anti-parallel alignment. Our goal in this study is to fabricate a microchip for the magnetic separation of non-magnetic nano-particles. Here the magnets are placed under the microchip in the anti-parallel way, and the particles are induced by a pump into the small channel fabricated by lithography technique.

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