Departmental Bulletin Paper 磁性流体のスパイク現象を用いたディーゼル微粒子除去フィルタの開発(環境分野研究奨励助成金研究)

桑原, 拓也  ,  浅子, 晋介  ,  Takuya, Kuwahara  ,  Shinsuke, Asako

Instead of advantages of diesel engines, diesel particulates are one of serious environmental issues. One of the removing technologies of diesel particulates, which is widely utilized for automobiles, is a diesel particulate filter (DPF). However, its pressure loss degrades the engine performance, and the fuel consumption becomes higher. In the present study, diesel particulate filters using magnetic fluid are proposed to overcome the issue. Two types of diesel particulate filters using magnetic fluid are examined and evaluated. In the report, the experimental results and discussion on the performance of the proposed magnetic fluid filters are reported.

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