Departmental Bulletin Paper 2017年度の日本工業大学英語プレースメントテストの検証-次年度サーベーデーテストのパイロット試験として-(論文)

川上, 省三  ,  Shozo, Kawakami

At NIT, placement examinations in four subjects, Mathematics, Physics, Japanese and English were carried out on the new freshmen on April 3rd, the Survey Day for the 2017 academic year. As far as the English department in Human Science and Common Education is concerned, the English test was only an achievement one. Although the exam was conducted as a placement test, its results weren't used for grouping the students according to their abilities because English was taught to the first-year students in mixed ability classes in this school year. However, the test had been designed as a pilot test for the next year's survey day placement exam indispensable to proficiency-dependent teaching that would be implemented under a quarter system starting in the following academic year. Therefore, in this paper, in order to prepare for the placement test used in the new educational programme, this Survey Day's exam is reviewed in detail on the basis of testing theories. It is carefully examined as to its reliability and validity, whether it worked as a placement test, whether each item was suitable to measure students' English ability, the passage readability and so on.

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