Departmental Bulletin Paper Sound of Network:Capturing Network Structure by Signal Response(Researches and Overseas Activities)--(Reports of Overseas Activities)

Shin-ya, Sato

Structural analysis of network is a subject that attracts a lot of attention.A number of previous studies have introduced structural indices for quantitatively describing network structures.Those studies mostly focus on specific types of structural characteristics, and structural information provided by the introduced indices is often fractional.A series of novel methods for representing and analyzing structural characteristics of networks is proposed in this article.For a given network, first, a signal is input at a vertex of the network.The signal is then propagated over the network, and goes back to the input vertex through various routes.The observed signal at the input vertex can be thought of a response of the network to the input signal.The response signal is used as the representation of structural characteristics of the network.In the article, properties of response signals are examined by experiments using artificial networks.

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