Departmental Bulletin Paper 超硬円筒工具による焼入れ鋼のロータリ切削技術(学内特別研究および国外研修)--(国外研修報告書)

二ノ宮, 進一  ,  Shinichi, Ninomiya

Use of a tool driven by a spin turning method on a 5 axis turning center has an advantage in suppressing a tool wear in the external turning of hard-to-machine materials. However, it is important not easy to control a radial runout of the tool periphery in the spin turning. In this research, a simple rod shaped tungsten carbide was applied as a rotating tool to the turning of a hardened steel workpiece(HRC63). In addition, on-machine grinding method was proposed as a measure to minimize a radial runout of the rotating tool. With this technique, a well suited rake angle, relief angle or chip breaker profile could be easily given to the tool. In spin turning of the hardened steel with a WC rod tool, roughness value of the worked surface was reduced and tool wear was suppressed in comparison with the turning without tool rotation. In addition, it was shown that correction of the tool runout and forming of the tool rake face could be done on the machine.

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