Departmental Bulletin Paper IT人材育成を目的としたサービスラーニングの運営・評価手法の構築(学内特別研究および国外研修)--(学内特別研究費報告書)

大橋, 裕太郎  ,  Yutaro, Ohashi

Service learning, by which students apply what they have learned in a specific field to voluntary service work, continues to garner attention as an educational method for nurturing multiple diverse skills. However, a reliable evaluation method has not yet been established for service learning. In this study, author develop evaluation criteria for Information Volunteer, a service-learning course started in 1997 wherein students engage in information-based educational activities at nearby schools. In this study, author analyzed(1)the types of problems students faced during volunteering,(2)how students solved(or failed to solve)these given problems, and(3)what students found to be meaningful in practice. Participant observation and group interviews were chosen as research methods as well as a case-code matrix, a qualitative data analysis method. As a result generated 15 cases were generated into the following four categories: planning, implementation, communication, and reflection. In observations and interviews, undergraduates were unable to solve all problems. Furthermore, students demonstrated different levels of performance, which might stem from disparities in the academic abilities of the students as well as the variety of activities from school to school. From the results, we developed assessment criteria in the form of a rubric for assessing student performance in the given subject areas.

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