Departmental Bulletin Paper ダイヤモンド粒子上への銀コーティング膜の形成(学内特別研究および国外研修)--(国外研修報告書)

飯塚, 完司  ,  Kanji, Iizuka

The invention of metal-coated diamond particles can suppress thermal deterioration of the binders produced by heat grinding when cutting the tools that is, the bonding strength between the binder and diamond grains may be increased. The aim of this study is focused to the heat dissipation of the grindstone itself during the process using silver, the highest thermal conductivity among the metals, deposited on the synthetic diamond abrasive grains. The silver nitrate was reduced to precipitate the particle on the diamond surface by silver-mirror reaction. The concentration of NaOH became darker, resulting in an increase in film thickness. However the film surface was roughed and non-uniformed. After that, the silver-mirror reaction was subjected using a hot-water bath controllable temperature with AgNO3 concentration. The result indicated that an increase in AgNO3 concentration can improve the surface roughness of the film. The increasing of water temperature was also found to improve the surface roughness.

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