Departmental Bulletin Paper 彩の国連携力育成プロジェクトによる生活環境デザイン学科カリキュラムへの「彩の国連携科目」の導入(学内特別研究および国外研修)--(学内特別研究費報告書)

勝木, 祐仁  ,  瀬戸, 眞弓  ,  Yuji Katsuki  ,  Mayumi, Seto

The Dept. of Living Environment Design at N.I.T. worked with Saitama Prefectural Univeersity, Saitama Medical University and Josai University to develop IPE (Interprofesional Education) program to promote students' ability to collaborate with proffesionals in the different diciplines or citizens to support one's life in the community. This paper shows the outline of the project and the curriculum 2018 for the Dept. of Living Environment Design, which was made as a result of the project. It is an unique education system which integrated Architectural Education and IPE.

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