Departmental Bulletin Paper 2×4木造建築工房の活動 2014 年から2016 年の活動紹介(工房科目)

勝木, 祐仁  ,  那須, 秀行  ,  野口, 憲治  ,  Yuji, Katsuki  ,  Hideyuki, Nasu  ,  Kenji, Noguchi

2×4 Architectural Studio aims at practical lerning of architecture through the building workshop at N.I.T. Inter Cultural Campus in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada, with cooperation of the local staffs. Through this program students experience planning, designing and construction of a building as a team member. This report shows the outline of the 2×4 Architectural Studio and the achievement of the recent projects. This program provides students with the practical way of thinking in designing a building, the knowledge and skills for construction works, the understanding of the foreign culture and the ability of communication with foreign partners.

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