Departmental Bulletin Paper 物理体感工房の近況報告(2)(工房科目)

服部, 邦彦  ,  佐藤, 杉弥  ,  梅谷, 篤史  ,  狩野, みか  ,  Kunihiko, Hattori  ,  Sugiya, Sato  ,  Atsushi, Umeya  ,  Mika, Kano

The aim of the Science Atelier is to help the students “make creative scientific products by their own ideas, and improve their presentation skills to introduce/demonstrate their products to the public at the science fairs." The Science Atelier consists of four workshops managed by different staffs in physics laboratory. They are named “Sagan", “Tesla", “Pauli"and “Kamerlingh", which represent the scientific characters of each staff so that the students can easily find who to talk to. In this report, the activities and students' works in each workshop are mainly introduced as well as students' volunteer works in science experiment classes in elementary and junior high schools.

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